Pricing varies by job and free quotes are provided. Visit our online Quotes Page or call to request a free quote. We strive to provide professional designs at reasonable prices.

Basic Website Design/Redesign Package - $550

Our Basic website design package includes:

Up to 7 web pages of custom content. (You will need to provide all web page content in electronic format (e-mail, existing website, word processing document, GIF, JPG, meta tags, etc). We charge an additional $36 per hour if we take the photos, develop the logo, and do the typing.

Each additional page over 7 cost $60 per page.

Fewer than 5 pages - $250 for the home page and $60 for each additional page.

Domain Name registration costs are extra.- .com and .org addresses cost $35 (CDN) per year ---- .ca addresses cost $45 per year.

Edutech Web Designs provides hosting through a third party and the current rate is $10 per month

Up to 20 Meta tags for enhanced search engine hits.


Minor changes are done free for the first 6 months. Following that a $36 per hour fee applies.